Moda W-Mir Mirror

Moda W-Mir Mirror

Moda W-Mir Mirror

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Moda W-Mir Mirror

Size: H. 120XW.120XD.5 CM./H. 185XW.92XD.5 CM./H. 240XW.120XD.5 CM.

Weight: H. 120XW.120XD.5 CM.:32.8 kg/H. 185XW.92XD.5 CM.:41.5 kg/H. 240XW.120XD.5 CM.:57.6 kg

Item number: MOMV002

Width of frame : 11 cm. Custom cut charge: 225,00 GBP

Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta frames available.

The above mentioned price is for Alfa finishing.

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